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Are you ready to embark on the right spiritual path? Do you want to enjoy a meaningful life? Do you desire spiritual growth? If this is what you are seeking then join the Course in Wisdom Level 1 and set yourself on a spiritual and transformative journey that will enhance your quality of life on every level.

The Course in Wisdom Level 1 covers every aspect of your life and is designed to heal and transform the major blockages that stop you from manifesting the life you want.

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Gain Clarity, Become Fulfilled & Create Your Ideal Life

The course starts on Thursday , May 2nd at 7pm till 8.30pm. It is taught as a complete course or individual workshops that take place on a weekly basis.

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Meet your facilitator

Jana Sharaf

Creating unique experiences and welcoming seekers of personal and spiritual development without labels. Jana Sharaf intersects certified self-development with love & deep mystical wisdom. She is an Oxford University communication specialist, trainer and author in more than 5 countries. Her mission extends beyond theory; she cultivates real-life success stories in business, relationships, and parenting, rooted in Abrahamic wisdom.

Abrahamic Mysticism Expert